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Women Embrace The Snowy Mountains Adventure FAQs

What to Bring?

What to Bring?

Please bring your gear in a soft bag rather than a hard suitcase to help guides pack the trailer.

DAY PACK: recommended approx. 20 litres, with a load baring harness. Here is the list we recommend you have in your day pack:

  • Rain jacket

  • A fleece jacket

  • Wide brimmed hat for sunny days

  • Beanie or wollen hat for cold days

  • Water bottle or drinking bladder, min 2 litres

  • High factor sunscreen

  • Lip balm

  • Blister pads and or tape for rubbing and or blisters

  • Sunglasses

  • Hand Sanitiser

  • Insect repelant

  • Walking poles (optional)

  • Gaitors (optional)

  • Camera / phone

  • Binoculars


MAIN BAG – your main bag is transported for you, you only carry your light day pack while walking.

  • Comfortable, well worn in hiking shoes 

  • 2 pairs long and or short hiking pants. Preferably loose fitting and quick drying

  • 2 long sleeved shirts for sun protection

  • 2 – 4 t-shirts

  • Fleece jacket / woollen jumper – something warm for an extra layer if cold

  • Rain jacket 

  • Walking socks - we suggest one for each day incase they get wet

  • We also recommend having a set of thermal under garments – these can keep you warm in the face of blustery cold conditions

  • A woolen or fleece hat for cooler weather

  • Waterproof, reusable bag for worn clothes

  • Comfortable shoes and clothing for evenings

  • Underwear

  • Personal toiletries 

  • Personal medication

  • Reading material 

  • Spare batteries and chargers for your devices 


How difficult are the walks?

Throughout our tour we take on all levels of tracks from easy to challenging. To partake in this adventure we recommend you have a moderately high level of fitness and have done some full day hiking before.  We recommend doing some training before hand because physical activity is always more enjoyable if you are physically prepared. 

When on tour we find that a positive mental attitude is most important and that if you focus on the scenery, the company and the moment, and not on the kilometres, then you find yourself reaching your destination with little problem. You can always have a day or sometimes an afternoon off to relax if you feel like it. If you have any concerns about your fitness or ability to complete a walk, let us know and we can talk you through it.

What is our accommodation like in the Snowy Mountains?

Our lodge style accommodation arrangements see us staying in central Thredbo for the four nights/ five days we are away. Here we will have our breakfast, lunch making and dinners in the lodge dining area. The rooms are well appointed but simple, with two single beds or one king. Please note there are no daily housekeeping services during our four-night stay and the rooms do not have their own bathroom. 

What are the meals like:



Do I need to carry all my gear with me on the walks?

You are only required to carry a day back pack with you on the walking trails. This should contain your lunch/snacks, plenty of water (bottled or in a water bladder), sunscreen/sunhat, light waterproof jacket, and a hat/beanie is a good idea if the weather is likely to be changeable.


What’s the best type of bag to use to carry all my gear?

A soft bag is ideal for the trip. Soft bags are more forgiving in terms of packing/unpacking and storage. They are also more manageable for the guides to lift and move around.


Are hiking boots compulsory?

Although not compulsory, comfortable hiking boots / trail runners with a good tread are strongly encouraged on the hikes. Often the ground underfoot is rocky and uneven, and hiking boots make the walking a little easier. If you are going to purchase new boots specifically for the hike, we suggest you wear them in well before the walk begins.



Do you cater for dietary requirements and food allergies?

Let us know your needs when you book, we can cater for most dietary requirements, ie: lactose intolerance, coeliac, vegetarian, gluten free to name a few. If you have a favorite brand of food you particularly like, or a food item with a particular flavor for example, by all means bring it along with you. 


What will we be eating when in the Snowy Mountains?

The food we serve is healthy, hearty and home style. Our menus are designed to showcase the fabulous regional produce. Fresh local cheeses, yoghurt, fruit, vegetables, fish and meats are uses, supporting local farmers and minimising our food miles. We don’t odder five-str dining, but our guides take pride in ensuring that all meals are delicious and plentiful, prepared with top-quality seasonal ingredients. 


Breakfast: is a continental spread of cereals, stewed fruit, yoghurt, toast and spreads with coffee and tea.

Lunch: can vary from day to day but includes meat, salad, bread and wraps. Some days might include something different like roasted chicken.


Dinner: is a casual two-course meal of main and dessert prepared by your guides. The menu changes to suit available fresh producs but could include a classic lamb roast, salmon fillet or Thai chicken. Dessert may include things like maple baked apples, pears in red wine or seasonal fruit salad.


Snacks: guests can prepare their own trail mix each morning from our self serve trail mix selection. There will be fresh fruit for the trail and biscuits or fruit cake for tea breaks. 


Pre-dinner antipasto: each evening we prepare a selection of antipasto delights, dips, cheese and crackers before dinner. 


Alcohol: this tour does not include alcohol however guests are most welcome to bring wine/ beer or other beverages along with them. There may be an opportunity to visit a local bottle shop while on the tour.

Women Embrace Alpine Hiking Snowy Mountains
Women Embrace Alpine Hiking Snowy Mountains
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