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Charitable Partner 2024-2025

Working at Restore One School

Katrina and Sharon, founders of Women Embrace Adventure, are pleased to partner with Jenny’s Place, The Soul Cafe and Restore One in 2024-2025.  Paying it forward is an important part of Women Embrace Adventure with a portion of all proceeds donated to our charitable partners. 


Since starting in 2018, Women Embrace Adventure has donated over $52,500 to its charitable partners.


Why these Charities? They offer a hand up instead of a hand out to women working their way out of poverty, they are good people we trust and are proud to partner with them.

Soul Cafe

Soul Cafe was established in August 2003 to serve hot meals free of charge to the highly disadvantaged of the Newcastle region.

Today Soul Cafe provides hundreds of free sit down and take away meals each week.

Many of Soul Cafe’s guests are dealing with issues of homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction, crime or violence, poverty, separation, mental health or illness concerns and accommodation needs.

Soul Cafe’s desire is to do more than just serve a meal. The ultimate mission of Soul Cafe is to see vulnerable cafe guests placed on a path towards increased safety, health and purpose. We aim to lift a group of people that are less fortunate to a greater level of lifestyle within our community through a comprehensive approach that assists them to work through their individual issues and to re-engage back into society.

The meals provided are an avenue to link cafe guests with other necessary services including drug and alcohol and substance abuse programs, accommodation links, Centrelink referral, mental health counselling, refuge referral, haircuts, Legal Aid, Podiatry and a free doctor’s clinic.

Soul Cafe is non-government funded and relies primarily on financial sponsorship from corporations and individuals and to a lesser extent on our own fundraising endeavours. They are a local community organisation addressing local community needs, supported by local community corporate and private members. Check us out at our Taste of Soul Dinner 

Donate Directly to Soul Cafe Here

Jenny's Place

Jenny’s Place was the first refuge established in the Hunter and have been supporting women and children in our area for 43 years.


The vision for the organisation started in 1977 by a group of strong and passionate women who believed that women and children experiencing domestic violence deserved to have a safe place where they could receive the support and assistance they required to live a life free from violence and abuse.


Their Domestic Violence Resource Centre is only one of its kind in Newcastle and it has been running for 12 years without proper funding. Jenny’s amazing team have managed to keep the place running all this time on small grants, donations, philanthropic money and the very generous community of Newcastle.

Donate Directly to Jenny's Place Here

Restore One

Providing new hope for South-East Asia, our mission is to break poverty; one child, one family, one community at a time. Restore One is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to developing and empowering impoverished communities. As the name suggests, they bring about change and restoration, one community at a time.

Their focus is local yet comprehensive, working with individual communities to address issues with a focus on education, employment, housing, child welfare and safety. 

Women Embrace Adventure had the privilege to travel to Cambodia in 2018 and 2019 for Cultural and Volunteer Adventures with Restore One. Kampong Thom is the second-largest province in Cambodia and the village where Restore One work is one of the poorest. Education is crucial here. Without it, the best-case scenario for local children is a life of subsistence farming or labouring. The worst-case and very real possibility is a life of slavery.

Women Embrace Adventure values the ongoing relationship with Restore One and look forward to traveling back to Cambodia as soon as possible.

Donate directly to Restore One Here

Mirror of Hope

On our travels to Africa in 2024 we have a new partner in the Mirror of Hope CBO which is a partner community-based organisation operating in Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The organisation operates in the Kianda village of the larger Kibera slum. Mirror of Hope is run by a dedicated team of 10 staff members and a number of volunteers. Being the largest urban slum in Africa, Kibera is characterized by abject poverty as the most outstanding attribute with most residents still living way below a dollar a day. The slum is home to approximately 1 million residents distributed across its 12 villages that sit on the 2.5 Sq. Kilometer piece of land, that is Kibera. Mirror of Hope under its guiding mantra and principle, ‘A hand up’ seeks to develop, transform and build the capacity of its beneficiaries, contrary to the historical slum handouts culture. The organization provides quality education sponsorship opportunities and school holiday program to children (Sponsorship program), economic empowerment and income generation for the women (SILC project), youth empowerment through computer literacy and digital skills, peanut butter production for teenage/young mothers, environmental conservation and music &arts (Future Poa project).

Donate directly to Mirror of Hope Here

If you would like to donate goods, funds or help in any way please email us at

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