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Crack the Code: Understanding Hike Grades with WEA!

Hello WEA Community,

Ever wondered how we rate our hikes at WEA? We use the Australian Walking Track Grading System (AWTGS), ensuring you can choose your outdoor experience with confidence. 

How It Works:

Grades range from 1 (easy) to 5 (hard). The AWTGS considers distance, gradient, path quality, signage, steps, experience, and time.

Basic Outline of Grades 

- Grade 1: Up to 5km, no experience needed.

- Grade 2: Family-friendly, under 10km.

- Grade 3: Some experience, up to 20km.

- Grade 4: Experience needed, longer and rougher.

- Grade 5: For seasoned hikers, challenging remote treks.

The key point is that a hike's grade is determined by the highest score among any of the above criteria. If one criterion is graded 4, the overall hike is considered grade 4, regardless of the scores of other criteria. This logic aligns with the understanding that even a 1km hike with excellent signage and a well-constructed track can be challenging if it ascends a steep mountain.

Information is Power:

Click on this link for a great article by National Parks NSW that goes into details of hike grading, it is a great read and will ensure you choose the perfect hike for you.,don't%20need%20no%20metres

Dive in, explore, and let the adventure begin!

Happy hiking! 

xXKat and Sharon


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