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Connecting Women with Adventure

Ready to start your next adventure but not sure where to start? The team at Women Embrace Adventure is here to help.

We know as women, getting into outdoor adventuring can be daunting, especially if you’re going it alone or new to the scene. Before starting Women Embrace Adventure, we had felt that feeling too, time and time again. But with a passion for travel and adventure, and after many “I wish we could do what you do!” comments, we decided to create Women Embrace Adventure to share our passions, and make the whole process more accessible, inclusive, and much less daunting.

Born from a passion to connect with women in adventure, we encourage women from all walks of life to join us. Our experienced guides are here to help encourage you through every adventure, regardless if it’s a bushwalk around Blackbutt or an overseas excursion, we want to help you get the most out of every experience.

We’re often met with inquiries about women joining alone, worried they won’t have friends or support, but we’re here to ease your concerns. There is no rulebook for who can and can’t join us on an adventure, we accommodate our adventures to varying fitness levels so everyone can try at their own pace. We’re happy to help you find what adventure suits your level, all we ask is an open mind, and willingness to try. Alongside our encouraging hosts, women on our tours are all here for the same reasons: Connection and Experience.

We encourage solo travellers to join us and see first-hand the level of comradery that we experience on every trip, and we have no doubt your concerns will vanish quickly. We love learning about every woman's journey and are inspired when we’re able to help you step outside your comfort zone, even if it’s just one tiny step.

We prioritise our adventures not only around connection, but continual learning and safety. What is paired with excitement and joy, but also risk and hazards. We ensure we provide ongoing training to ensure we are provided the safest, most supportive environment for women to connect and explore adventuring.

“Life is so much better with fun, positive, adventurous women around you.”

Nat Hellyer-Cambodia Cultural and Volunteer Tour 2018

So what are you waiting for? Check out our assortment of tours and adventures available today, our team is ready and waiting with open arms to embrace you into the Women Embrace Adventure family.


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