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We've heard it for years, 'You're always doing amazing things, we could never do what you do!'  After working and travelling together in the corporate world for many years we finally decided to reach for the stars and founded Women Embrace Adventure in 2017.


We have a few passions you should know about up front...


Connecting Women Through Adventure is our first passion and the reason why we started WEA.  Every day we get to make connections with amazing women from all walks of life.  Some don't even realize how amazing they are which just blows us away.  We love learning about every woman’s journey and get so excited when we're able to provide opportunities for them to step outside of their comfort zone, even just a little bit


Continual Learning and safety.  Outdoor adventure comes with so much excitement and joy but also with risks and hazards. Ongoing training that we provide, and attend, means we are able to provide opportunities for women to connect in a very safe, supportive environment.  Between us, we have Cert III in Outdoor Recreation, BS degrees in Human Movement and Psychology (comes in very handy!), Cert IV in Fitness, Wilderness First Aid.  We have years of outdoor experience on trails, on kayaks, on boats, you name it.  We employ only the most highly qualified contractors who understand what women need and want.  Safety first always.


Paying It Forward... one adventure at a time. 

Kat and Sharon  are pleased to partner with Jenny’s Place in 2020-2021. A portion of all proceeds from their adventures goes towards WEA New Life Baskets for women and children moving from a shelter to independent living. www.jennysplace.org 


Over the past couple of years Kat, Sharon and their teams have also raised over $40,000 for Restore One who is helping one girl, one person, one village at a time get out of poverty.  We witnessed first hand their hard work and determination to make a big difference on our 2018 and 2019 Embrace Cambodia Cultural and Volunteer Adventures. We cannot wait to continue to work with Restore One when we are able to travel overseas again. 


Our Families, it goes without saying, are our passion too, without the support of our husbands, kids and extended families we couldn't do what we do, bless their cotton socks!

There are a few more things we are passionate about but you'll have to learn about those when you join us on an upcoming adventure!


xSharon Mackay and Katrina Croquett

Women Embrace Adventure

Founders and CEO's (Chief Embrace Officers)